Manuscripts in preparation

MW Voss , TB Weng, AZ Burzynska, CN Wong, G Cooke, R Clark, J Fanning, E Awick, NP Gothe, EA Olson, E McAuley, AF Kramer. Fitness, but not physical activity, predicts functional integrity of brain networks associated with aging. In revision.

LE Oberlin, Verstynen T, AZ Burzynska, MW Voss, Prakash RS, McAuley E, Kramer AF, Erickson KI. White matter integrity mediates the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and cognitive function in older adults. Under review.

AZ Burzynska, K Duffy, Chen T, E McAuley, AF Kramer. Dance improves fornix microstructure related to processing speed: 6-month randomized control trial with dance training in 174 older adults.

AZ Burzynska, K Duffy, E McAuley, AF Kramer. How to use it not to lose it? Comparison of the effects of a 6-month intervention (dance, walking, nutrition, and stretching-toning control) on broad cognitive functions in older adults.

AZ Burzynska, K Kramer, K Patel, AF Kramer. The dancing brain: Functional differences of representation of dance stimuli between professional dancers and non-dancers.

AZ Burzynska, K Patel, K Kramer, C Johnson, AF Kramer. Does dance training shape the brain as it does the body? Comparison of brain structure between professional dancers and controls using structural, diffusion, and elastography MRI.

AZ Burzynska, S Banducci M Kranz, McAuley E, AF Kramer. Age-related cortical thinning in older low-fit adults is related to performance in a real-life immersive 4D street crossing task.

AZ Burzynska, M Kranz, Wong CN, Cooke G, McAuley E, AF Kramer. Linking cortical thickness with cardiorespiratory fitness and physical activity in healthy aging.

AZ Burzynska, M Kranz, K Duffy, SE Banducci, McAuley E, AF Kramer. Physical activity and health determinants of working memory and fluid intelligence in older adults.

SE Banducci, AZ Burzynska, J Gaspar, G Cooke, A Knecht, A Lewis, AF Kramer. Neuropsychological correlates of street-crossing performance in an aging population.

AZ Burzynska, P Baniqued, M Kranz, AF Kramer. White matter as a scaffold for cognitive training and transfer: a video game training study in young adults.

M Kranz, AZ Burzynska, P Baniqued, AF Kramer. Structural cortical correlates of cognitive training with video games and skill transfer in young adults.

MA Fletcher, AZ Burzynska, KA Low, R Boyd, B Zimmerman, CH Tan, N Schneider-Garces, A Freeman, G Gratton, M Fabiani. The mediating effects of anatomy and white matter hyperintensities on cognition: a healthy aging study.

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